February 19th - June 12th, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Moments from Last Night's Re:Happening

5. Gene and Meg out in a canoe, three hours before the event begins, tying huge white balloons to cement blocks and anchoring them in a cluster on Lake Eden. At night, they will project images onto them, including old footage of Merce Cunningham’s dance troupe.

4. Clare dancing under black light, wearing only florescent paint, the old lodge pitch black, Kima’s amazing trance music filling the space. Viewers scatter around the space on couches, on the floor, or up on the staircases on either side of the performance space—a sphere of white beneath Clare’s slowly moving, flowing form.

3. Looking up at around 10:00 and realizing that the Dining Hall is jammed full of hipsters and art lovers and musicians and kids and folks who remember the old BMC-days, volunteers running food to the dozen tables, Chef Mark whipping up one of his stunning “bites” by the kitchen; then looking out at the screened in porch and to the deck outside (the spheres are lit up like angels on the water) and seeing even more people moving around in the night, talking and drinking, passing from one art event to the next.

2. (and I must confess I didn't make it to this event by, hearing about it from one side of the dining hall and missing the actual moment by the time I pick my way through the crowd) BUT… Jinx has lifted a friend up in the air 40 feet on his crane, and the man is playing "air" guitar, hanging over the crowd, jamming out into the night.

1. Out with Emilia and Alice making sure everyone finds a parking space, around 6:30, the sunny day at its glorious height, a slight breeze in the air. Two stilt-walking artists dressed as huge doves sway and dance in slow-down pantomime along the dirt road, circling each other, side-stepping cars, knocking wooden wings as they cross, their white feathers flapping in the wind. Hanging out with them for half an hour, watching them slip back behind the old stone buildings.